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Carol Barnum is an expert in UX research

Carol’s UX research publications present  practical solutions and case studies that demonstrate how research informs practice.  Her articles, books, book chapters, and presentations cover important topics in usability, UX research, content strategy, and other hot topics.

Invited Essay: The State of UX Research

November 2019

My reflections in this essay focus on the state of UX research. I am thinking specifically of usability testing, but also more generally of other common forms of UX research, such as contextual inquiry, heuristic evaluation, and in-depth interviews.

My key concerns can be presented in the following questions:

  • Are short courses teaching rigorous usability research methods?
  • Is the methodology for conducting valid small studies well understood?
  • Is the democratization of UX research diluting the practice of UX research?
  • Is the proliferation of online tools diminishing the utility of the UX researcher?
  • With current job descriptions, should we drop the U in UX?

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How Do Other People Do It? A Comparative Review of Usability Study Reports

On the most recent of Rolf Molich’s Comparative Usability Evaluation studies (CUE-10), 16 participants conducted an exercise intended to “gather real-world data about usability test moderation from experienced UX professionals.” Each team conducted three sessions of the same usability study (same site, same tasks) and recorded the sessions so other teams could examine each other’s moderation practices.

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Academic Journal Articles

Co-authored article, “How Professionals Moderate Usability Tests,Journal of Usability Studies, August 2020

Co-authored article with Ginny Redish:  “Overlap, Influence, Intertwining: The Interplay of UX and Technical Communication,” Journal of Usability Studies, May 2011

Co-authored article with (the late) Ken Rainey and Herb Smith: “Steps and Missteps in Negotiating a Joint Degree Program with a Chinese University,” for an edited volume of new essays called Designing Globally Networked Learning Environments, Sense Publishers, 2008

“Agile and UCD: Can This Marriage Be Saved?” Cutter Business Technology Journal, September 2007

Co-authored with Li Huilin, “Chinese and American Technical Communication: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Differences,” lead article in May 2006 issue of Technical Communication. Called “groundbreaking” by editor of the journal

Lead author of co-authored article: “Index vs. Full-Text Search: A Usability Study of User Preference and Performance,” Technical Communication, May 2004. (Award of “Distinguished” Journal Article)



UX Pioneers interview with Carol Barnum by Tamara Adlin,  March 2008

Rendezvous interview with Carol Barnum in KnowGenesis (International Journal for Technical Communication), September 2006

Carol Barnum is the author of more than 50 articles and 6 books, including Usability Testing Essentials: Ready, Set…Test! 2nd edition (2021).

Her research focus is on the practical applications of user research, the rationale and selection of the right research tools in a UX toolkit, strategies for effective professional and technical communication, and approaches for communicating in cross-cultural situations.

Carol Barnum

Author, Consultant, Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions about UX Research

What is UX research?

UX research involves applying UX research findings about your users to better tailor your product to its target audience. Carol Barnum Consulting provides training on the right tools in the UX research toolkit to match your needs and budget. Contact Carol to get started!

Is user research necessary?
Yes. If you want your business to be successful in reaching its target market, then you need to understand what your audience wants. User research allows you to do this.
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